Zinc Sulphate

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Zinc sulphate is obtained through zinc ash, zinc carbonate, or zinc oxide treatment with sulphuric acid. Pharmaceutical-grade zinc sulphate is usually used high purity zinc oxide as a raw material. As for industrial uses, zinc sulphate is commonly available as anhydrous or heptahydrate forms. We provide zinc sulphate in different grades, quantities, and packaging for your market and industry solution.

Manufacturing Process

Dissolution : Sulphuric acid is added into a vessel and slowly adds zinc in a granule form, followed by the heating process to completely dissolved the zinc in a certain heating temperature.

Precipitation : Zinc sulphate precipitate is obtained by leaving the zinc sulphate solution standstill after the heating treatment in the dissolution process for a certain time. The precipitated will be formed and zinc sulphate precipitate is obtained. The precipitate is filtered from the vessel, washed using cold water, and dried to obtain zinc sulphate with high purit





Zinc sulphate is the most widely used zinc source added to the fertiliser for zinc-deficient soils.


Animal Feed

Zinc sulphate is used as a zinc supplement in animal feed due to its excellent solubility in water and high bioavailability; hence, easily absorbed by poultry and livestock.


Rich in zinc source, zinc sulphate has an important role as an active ingredient in drug manufacturing and is cheap in price, thus zinc sulphate often converted into zinc tablets or zinc oral solutions in the pharmaceutical industry.
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